Travel is much like colonization. Every time one steps onto the soil of a new land is like planting an imaginary flag with a userpic and proclaming this territory part of one's own empire. And back at home we are happy to extend the map of our conquests, coloring yet a little more of the world where our foor has setteled.

There are lots of similar maps on the Internet. Yet, until now no detailed maps existed, that would demonstrate, to which extent the protagonist has "covered" the country. Definitely, walking all over Pakistan is quite different from making a transit stop at Karachi airport.

The present map attaches to every country a certain image – a set of cities and natural landmarks, spanning over different regions of the country. The more the country is varied — the more points there are. The entire world map contains over 1200 points.

The country image is intended as exactly touristic, i.e. the points were chosen so as to produce a complete and versatile impression of the country. Despite the points being chosen by a geographer, we cannot deny that he knew some countries better than the others. Therefore your suggestions and comments on the choice of points for countries are welcome.

Please note, that some points contain several names, separated by slashes. This should be treated as "or" and the point should me marked visited if you have seen at least one of the places.

The grades: "been to" – less than 25% of the country's points visited, "saw some" – 25 to 49%; "saw a lot" – 50 to 74%; "explored inside and out" – over 75%.

Nice travelling and good luck with coloring your world map!